This Suspense Thriller Short Film is The One You Should’t Miss


Subhash Chandra who is famously known for directing and producing Telugu short films came up with a totally different themed short film. Selfie which is directed by Anurag Kautoori is a suspense thriller short film. This short film is presented by Mr Productions and Uma Kautoori and produced by 3 AM Friends Productions.

This short film casts Sumitra Tatapudy, Anirudh Kasturi & Aditya Panchamukh. The story of the short film revolves around the selfie. Music by PVR Raja and Editing by Subash Chandra is top notch. Krishna Murthy Kautoori came up with brilliant story for which Anurag directed it perfectly. The team of this short film should be applauded for successfully presenting the suspense thriller short film. It’s the theme most of the people would simply ignore. But this team succeeded in this. The climax is surely the one which will leave you speechless.