Shruthi Haasan Spotted with New Boyfriend

Shruthi Haasan new boyfriend

Shruthi Haasan who parted ways with Sidharth long way back, was staying single for a while. It’s few days back that Shruthi Haasan was spotted with some unknown guy in Mumbai airport. With that photo, every tabloid started writing that he may be Shruthi’s new boy friend. But the details about him were unknown to us. It seems like it isn’t mystery anymore.

They guy with whom Shruthi Haasan hanging out was Michael, a theatre based artist in London. He even came to Mumbai on Feb 14th to celebrate Valentines day with her. There are rumours that Shruthi and him are dating for around 3 months.

They both met for the first time in London when Shruthi went there to record an English album. Since then they were in touch and have become close to each other. When asked about this topic, Shruthi said that she doesn’t want to talk about her personal life with the media. So there’s no official news from either of them that they are in relationship. If they are truly in relationship, we wish them happiness.