Inthalo Yennenni Vinthalo Telugu Short Film – A Sreekanth Sri Film

Inthalo Yennenni Vinthalo Telugu Short Film

Inthalo Yennenni Vinthalo Short Film is receiving huge response on Youtube. It crossed around 1 lakh views in just two days of its release. All credits to the Sreekath Sri who did a fantastic job in directing this short film. The leading pair Siddu Diwakar and Mrudula Madugula were perfect in their roles. Guys who played the friends of hero managed to bring few laughs. Special credits to Sashank who picturized the short film very beautifully. Each and every shot was rich of colors. 

Overall it’s a beautiful short film which shouldn’t be missed. Congrats to everyone who were the part of this short film for the huge response. You deserve it 🙂

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