Ileana Opens Up About Marriage

Ileana Opens Up About Marriage

Ileana who once ruled Tollywood with her acting skills and beauty, now is out of opportunities. But she is into news with different things. Recently, she was topic of the town cause of the photos she was sharing on social media. She is even in relationship with Andrew who is professional photographer. According to her, she isn’t acting in any movie because she is turning down offers.

When asked about the hot photo shared on Instagram, she said “I do it because I really want to share about my personal life on social media and not because it’s some PR activity. I think there’s no point in being on social media and not to reveal anything about my personal life. I don’t think much and it’s just spur-of-the-moment act.”

She tried her own luck in Bollywood after having an successful career in Tollywood. But she was’t as successful as here in Bollywood. Though she got chances in few movies, they didn’t add up anything to her Bollywood career.

When asked about the reason of lack of movie offers, she replied “I decided not to do a film rather than doing a bad one. I felt that it was a better choice. Also, I don’t want to play a glam doll in a commercially successful film. I’d like to do roles that have substance and I wait for them,”.

When asked about marriage, she replied “Really, I find it funny when someone ask me that question. What’s the big deal about marriage? I am happy right now, I am in a great space. I think marriage is overrated. When time comes definitely, I’m gonna make it public.”.