Ghazi Telugu Movie Review

Ghazi movie review

Ghazi Telugu Movie Review:

Directed bySankalp Reddy
Produced byAnvesh Reddy,
Venkatramana Reddy
Prasad V Potluri, NM Pasha, Jagan Mohan Vancha
Written byAzad Alam (Hindi dialogues),
Gangaraju Gunnam (Telugu dialogues)
Screenplay bySankalp Reddy,
Gangaraju Gunnam,
Niranjan Reddy
StarringRana Daggubati
Taapsee Pannu
Kay Kay Menon
Rahul Singh
Kunal Kaushik
Narrated byChiranjeevi (Telugu),
Amitabh Bachchan (Hindi)
Music byK
Edited byA. Sreekar Prasad
PVP cinemas
Matinee Entertainment
Distributed byDharma Productions
AA Films



This movie story is about the underwater war with Pakistan submarine by Indian Navy which happened in 70’s. Pakistan plans to help it’s soldiers who are fighting in Bangladesh. When they are left with only navy way, they choose to reach Bangladesh through Indian waters. When Indian Navy receives news that Pakistan submarine are planning to reach Bangladesh through Indian water, they send Rana Daggubati and other officers with Indian submarine to tackle them.

Rest of the story depends on how Rana Daggubati who played the role of Arjun Varma destroyed the Ghazi submarine and returned safely to Visakhapatnam.


Rana Daggubati carried this film totally on his shoulders and suited very well for the role of Lt. Commander. His manly looks and voice base perfectly elated the role to next level. Kay Kay Menon acted well in the role of hot head officer. Atul Kulkarni deserves an applause here. He perfectly played the role of loyal officer. Tapsee who acted as refugee, sadly got not so much role in this movie. She is limited to very few scenes. Satya Dev acted brilliantly who played the role of Sonar operator. Ravi Varma and Bharath Reddy did justification for their roles.

Technical Departments:

The story of this film which is true story is the main asset for the film. Director of this film Sankalp Reddy, even though he is debutant handled the film very well. He never let the pace of the film down. The whole run time of the movie will keep you on the edge of the seats. The technical department should be applauded for their enormous effects for showcasing the film brilliantly. The VFX of movie is even too good for the Indian movie standards that we will never feel it’s graphics. This kind of movie is made for the first time in Indian cinema and the output was fantastic. The short length of the film helped the screenplay to be racy rather than dragged. The emotions in the movie were shown very well and in the end climax where the music of Jana Gana Mana comes, goosebumps are guaranteed.

Other Departments:

PVP movies should be appreciated for producing this movie. It needs guts to produce this type of experimental movie which was never shown on Indian cinema. Thanks to them, Tollywood reached another level with this movie. Background music by ‘K’ is terrifying. It easily elevated few scenes to another level. Cinematography was decent. Dialogues by Gunnam Gangaraju were another major asset for this film. Editing by Sreekar is decent as there are no scenes which we will feel useless.

Plus Points:

  • Production Values
  • Rana Daggubati
  • True Story
  • Narration

Minus Points:

  • Tapsee role
  • Slow first half


Ghazi is one of the best movie made in the recent times. It’s truly stands out for the content and engaging narration. Submarine plot, brilliant performances and screenplay are the major assets of the film. On the flip side, who expects out and out actions scenes will be disappointed. First half may not go well with common audience. Finally, this is that one movie which should be encouraged for making it live on the screens. Movies like this are made very rare and don’t miss it. Strongly recommended.

Filmiplex Rating: 3.75/5