100 @29 For Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam!


100 – The most important number related to humans in every stages of life from forming a fuetus in 100 days in a womb to aspiring to live 100 years. Many motivational theories and speakers use 100 as a symbol of success, the point of winning and destination. It’s as important in every calculation, measurement and standards. Apart from these 100,  plays a most important role by forming a synonym for the immediate goals like Students aspire to get 100 marks in their exams, a batsman aspires to score 100 in every match, an amateur biker aspires to cross 100 kmph in his initial learning so 100 is very deeply attached to human in their daily lifes and in several important stages . By the above lines it’s proven that number 100 is most desirable number in the world and the number of goals in service businesses as quality bar. As said 100 is the number of goals and destinations but some businesses or journey’s demands 100 as a strong and stable start. Let’s see some businesses which are more dependant on the number 100 in our country when the journey starts towards success. In India the three most important topics are Cricket, Politics and Cinema. A cricketer starts his journey of becoming a star to the world with scoring  his 1st 100 runs, a politician aspires to win minimum 100 seats to claim the half power from the competitor , like wise every and all film makers aspires to make his or her first film a 100 days film to have a strong and stable first step in their line of business to let everyone knew that he is coming.

We know many cricketers and leaders who proved with their 100’s in 2016 when their journey inceptioned. Now let’s find something interesting about a film maker from South who topped the chart and started his journey with his 1st 100 in his very first venture. It’s none other Tharun Bhaskar Dhaassyam the director of 2016 blockbuster PELLICHOOPULU which successfully completed its 100 days run.


Enough talking about the base concept now lets get in to the matter. Do you really think Tharun is the only one who made this film or his luck favoured him? Nope, he is’nt! Because every classic film, Cult film, Game changing film or whatever you want to call it, requires a great conviction, sky level of passion, Vision with love of art, collaborated ideas or value added talents, Market study & industry analysis, Steel strong confidence, Eye for detail, Well defined and executed plan, never ending effort, uncompromising attitude towards quality and a driving force which supports the film maker throughout all the levels of making a film. Now just like a soldier in a war apart from being patriotic, brave and powerful he must always should be well equipped with all weapons to use for,  in different situations of war, likewise even Tharun during making this film is also well equipped with all the above mentioned things through only one source and that is VGMEDIA – Vinoothna Geetha Media Pvt Ltd.


Vinoothna Geetha is a media production company founded by Tharun with his friends . This team along with Tharun made many short films, Corporate videos, documentaries, Independent movie, wedding Photography with output equals to Feature film output and recently Pellichoopulu movie. Now If you already started thinking that this team if full of qualified film technicians and that`s why its made easy for them to do Pellichoopulu then I DEFINATELY recommend you to go through below lines. Because this movie is made by a team in which you can find a businessman, a school teacher, a fashion designer and a great animal lover too,  3 from Fortune 500 global leading companies, a silent creative mind from a world`s no.1- Google, a person who has an quenching thirst of a MBA degree from a leading US University, a person who has his hands sharpened in people management, a person who has done Artificial Intelligence – Specialised in Robotics, a person who is Gamer and technical future of VG media, person who worked as DI artist for close to decade and other internal and external film value added talents. But all these Individuals from different verticals are connected and united only through Tharun’s vision and love of cinema. Every film has 3 levels of making Pre-production, Production and Post production, now let’s see where did all the above mentioned individuals contributions.

Now let’s see who all these are and how they are connected.


Tharun is born creative, why is that ? you will come to know when you walk into his home. Because the first 5 feet onto your left from the entrance you will find a 3-4 racked wooden cupboards full of evidences of his creative merit, yes you are right “Trophies”. His school buddy Upendra says that whenever there is a drawing competition in school all students are given a task or a theme to draw or paint. But Tharun is the only one who is untold of any theme or task because he chooses the theme by himself and  teachers always leave him to decide in the creative side finally Tharun ends up surprising everyone by topping the chart all the time.


  1. Parents – always play an important role in their kids life and dreams likewise Tharun also got inspired, motivated and encouraged by his Friendly parents Late Mr. Uday Bhaskar Dhaasyyam (a business man) and next is undoubtedly his mother
  2. Mrs. Geetha Dhaassyam worked as a teacher in HPS Hyderabad. He got his freedom in art and dedication from them.
  3. Mrs. Latha Dhaassyam – Credited as Art & Costume designer.

She is the soulmate & love of life to Tharun, a fashion designer and an animal lover in nature has worked in all levels of making Pelli Choopulu and specially credited for Pre-production, art and as a costume designer for this film. She is the first point of contact to Tharun when it comes to schedules & set management. She is a silent driving force and a stress burster to him in life.

  1. Ms.Tanvi Desai – Credited as PR for Pellichoopulu.

Ms. Desai is Tharun’s long-time friend from HPS,  she lent her work experience gained when worked as a Editor for articles and magazines back in schooling, as a PR in Deliotte and VG Media. She worked as PR in almost all projects of VG media and a main point of contact in production, business meetings & public relations for Pellichoopulu.


  1. Ranjith Kumar – Credited as Executive Producer

When it comes to movies or any business if heart is the idea then brain should be the plan of execution. Ranjith who is an old time buddy to Tharun from HPS. Ranjith at present focusing on earning MBA degree from an esteemed university in US after his Engineering. Ranjith has designed the well organised budget and smoothened the making process of film through his experience gained while being a captain of recreation in school, organiser of sports fest in College and Executive producer to all VG Media projects. Sources say though Ranjith is a executive producer he always been a constant supply of jokes and fun on & off sets.


  1. Srinivas Kaushik – Credited as Production controller and set management.

Srinivas “Kaushik” is the only name if you wake Tharun at midnight and ask following questions who taught Google to be Google, yoga to Baba Ramdev, Stars to shine, Nature to be Natural,  fire to burn and a possible walking encyclopedia then within fraction of seconds the answer from Tharun is Kaushik continued with a stomach shake laugh. Kaushik became close buddy to Tharun from their very first meeting on the first of college. From Tharun words in various interviews Kaushik is an eminant spokesman with information on almost everything. Jokes apart – he is a Engineering Graduate and  from my experience Kaushik is very emotional, patriotic, jovial, multi talented and a strong visioned individual who always wanted to work with people from various verticals. He loves people management and handled many mid broken businesses and showed a successful paths to them. With all experience and his best of info he worked in almost every task on sets of VG Media projects and Pellichoopulu. Most importantly – Big thanks from everyone to Kaushik, because he is the 100% Inspiration to Tharun to design a character like Kaushik played by Priyadarshi in Pellichoopulu and made us all love and giggle while watching the movie. Way to go Kaushik, You have the art of stealing hearts.


  1. Upendra – credited as a member in Direction Department & Technical advisor.

An engineering graduate and school buddy to Tharun. Upendra is Gamer, Gadjet freak, nature lover, entrepreneur and an adventurist. He has helped Tharun in many creative aspects in all the projects of Vgmedia and also a prooven actor for playing supporting roles in all short films, notable projects like Serendipity, Anukokunda, Sainma & Pellichoopulu.  He played active role in the building the stroy of pellichoopulu with his valuable inputs and also acted a small role in Pellichoopulu – he is seen consoling Prashant’s would be pheoncy in the climax party. He also directed shortfilm . You can definitely spot him in the promising future technical services of Vgmedia and also as a bright film maker up ahead.


  1. Vivek Sudhamshu – Direction Department.

Vivek is the closest school time buddy to Tharun and a creative mind behind the short film “Kriti” which is circulating virally in social media and grabbed many accolades for the teaser itself. Vivek is an engineering graduate and also worked for world’s best company Google. He is very silent in almost all meetings. However he is the one of important core team member to all projects of VG Media and Pellichoopulu aswell. He will also be seen shining in the near future in tollywood as a film-maker with his bright concepts.

  1. Pranith Maddirala – Credited as Assistant Director

Pranith is one important creative mind behind every project of VGmedia from years. He holds a Post graduation degree in Video & Radio Production from University of Hyderabad. Praneeth directed a Comedy thriller shortfilm “Four is Mob” under VGmedia. He lends his creative thoughts in designing every project and sources say he stands as a strong quality critic for thier projects. Pranith worked as a Assistant Director for Pellichoopulu and palyed a small role in the movie. He also acted in Tharun’s award winning short film Anukokunda. Pranith at present working on final stages of his next big step of becoming a feature film director.


10.Nagesh Bannell

After working for years as DI artist in tollywood, he turned a cinematographer with VGmedia works and Pellichoopulu. He is the one who actually translated Tharun’s vision of Thoughts into Shots. He is great at framing and almost got “super brother” from Tharun while framing the shots. He is equipped with eye for detail and great levels of patience with energy on sets. His notable works are Pellichoopulu and a recent hit film Jayambu Nishyambura starring Srinivas Reddy. We will see more of his thoughts to shots conversion in the years ahead.


  1. Hari Varun – VGmedia Business Development Head.

Hari is partner to Tharun at Vgmedia and also an alumni of HPS & St.Mary’s . From my personal experience I strongly say Hari is multi-talented why because-  He gets & executes the business at VGmedia, he is a great motivational speaker, a musician, Editor, loves to help & guide people and a silent friend we can always rely on so do VGMedia. He has that art of keeping himslef to ground even after gaining most of the knowledge and still has a great hunger towards knowledge.

Learns atleast one thing in a given day, always looks for best options to read, market research, analysis and keep calm attitude always makes him a strong pillar for VGMedia. Hari lent his experience, knowledge on planning, production, promotion and decision making by being active man behind Pellichoopulu.


  1. Raviteja – Credited as Editor for Pellichoopulu

Raviteja is the man who chopped the raw content to the visual story telling with new editing techniques. He is a budding editor and led his journey start with Pellichoopulu


  1. Jay Parupalli – Credited for Marketing & Promotion of Pellichoopulu

Jay is an interesting person to look for. He met Tharun may be 2 years before but became a strong contributor in his projects and a cool friend. He is an Indian American, who did his Graduation in Artificial Intelligence specialised in Robotics and then Film Making in Los Angeles. He is definitely different. If you want to see a Telugu film in Hollywood or Hollywood film in Telugu then you must watch his famous works like Mondrego Spectacular, Babylon, Phantom, specially my favourites Leela( Starring Tollywood actor Navdeep) and his latest shortfilm Untouchables. Jay founded Aiqualia films and he is definitely multi talented because he does cinematography, composes music, edits his work and a strong visioned film writer cum director. I strongly recommend you to go through his website aiqualiafilms.com to see his work. With all these multi- talents Jay worked in the marketing and film promotion for Pellichoopulu. He has got that level of dedication and love of cinema to work in any vertices of making. He is coming up with a Mind striking concept in tollywood, I am sure you will bite the nails of the person sitting beside you after finishing yours while watching his film on big screen in the near future.



  1. Aditya : Aditya lives to sing and makes the environment rythimic all the time. Aditya does Mimicry, plays guitar, a gifted singer and enjoys almost everyjoke to the core. A great listener  appreciates and motivates talented people with his value added feedback. I heard VGteam several times calling him the ” Voice of Pellichoopulu” because he is the one who sang “Paramparalu Kavala “song in Pellichoopulu. He is also aspiring to become a film maker and at present writing his concepts. We will see his work aswell, on big screens in near future.


  1. Shankar – Credited as the Co- Director

 Shankar is from Hyderabad and has worked for 3 films as co-direcor. He bought his best  experience and helped the shooting process much easier and all in control. Shankar is stuffed with alot of patience, for example if you give him a fist full of sand and ask him to count the sand granules, first he smiles then he starts counting and will definitely come back to give you the final number that is the level of patience he posses. He carries a simple smile on his face all the time.

Shankar is also working on his script and looking to begin his directorial debut at the earliest possible.

  1. Rahul Ramakrishna – Lyricist

Rahul Ramakrishna looks like a very serious man but behind that he is a brilliant writer and actor. His association with VGmedia is been very long in terms of lyrics and creative contribution from his end. He is the one who played a lead role in Tharun’s Sainma short film, he nailed it with performance in the typical film lover from a village who has that art in developing a cinema. He provided lyrics for two songs in Pellichoopulu – EE babu gaariki and Raalu poola raaga maala. Rahul’s notable work as lead in Sainma, jayambunischayambu raa and Seeshmahal(independent movie).


Along with team efforts the external notable supports like Mr.Suresh Babu for distributing the cinema,  Mr. Yash Rangineni and Mr. Raj Kandukuri for producing the film.


 Finally with all these collaborated super talents PELLICHOOPULU topped the charts in this decade after Happydays(2007) in the coming age cinema genre made in budget lessthan a crore. With all these wonderful people we can imagine how joyful was the set with full of energy and dedication. THARUN is 100 % successful in terms of choosing the right team , choosing the right actors, specially selecting Tapeloop as the music provider. Everyone in the team has provided their 100% efforts and dedication to the film thus making its first 100 days movie in their debut. We wish Tharun Bhascker and all his team members in Vgmedia for a great and fruitful success in all their future endeavors.


The most interesting part of this movie for Tharun is he turned 29 exactly on the day Pellichoopulu turned 100 days thus making it a birthday gift to Tharun from audience.